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From The Commander


The annual picnic will be held August 12th. The price is the same as recent years and we will be serving BBQ Chicken. Chicken ONLY is permitted to carry home, but carry out containers will not be provided. Tickets will only be sold July 1st through July 31st. (This is a deadline, NO EXCEPTIONS).

July 1st we start our recruiting contest. Sign-up a new active member and your name goes into a drawing for a Legacy Life membership. You must be an active member to Qualify.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July 

Yours in true comradeship

Richard Olvitt                   Lloyd W. Greenwood    

Commander                      President of the Home Association

Fly your flags Proudly.

Quality American flags are available at the Post Home.

3X5 Nylon                          $18.00

4X6 Nylon                          $24.00

5X8 Nylon                          $33.00

2X3 POW Nylon                  $19.00

3X5 POW Nylon                  $29.00

12"X16" Military Flags         $4.00